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I'm happy to report that the WCSD is back from the dead, thanks to the generosity of Jamie Punderson, W2QO, and the programming skills of Mike Reublin, NF4L.    It's not exaggerating to say that, without Mike, this database would not continue to be available.  His latest contribution is a new update page that will let you see and directly edit what is in the database.  Give it a try! 

This is the third major revision of the database, which was begun by  K7ZO in the 1995-97 timeframe and now contains descriptions of over 3000 HF contest stations worldwide.  From this page, you can view station descriptions by call-sign, for any station that is listed.  Scroll down on this page for a link to specialized searches -- like who is using what rig, or software, or antennas.  They're fun!

Please DO update your listing.   I don't have time to manually search the 3830 reflector myself, so this database will be just as current and useful as YOU make it.  Mike's new updating system will permit me to review updates daily, though I can't promise I won't miss a day occasionally .

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To update your information, put your call in the box above and query the database. Your current database entry (if any) will appear. If you need to revise your entry, follow the link, correct your current data on the form that appears, then click on the update button.

If you do not have information in the database now, click here to go directly to the data entry form.  If you are just changing your call, enter your old call in the callsign field on the update form and your new call in the comments field.  Do not put any other changes in the same update submission.

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