Specialized Database Searches

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To find whether someone is in the database, or to learn who is in the database from a given country, enter the callsign or the first letter or letters here.  For the moment, the search is pretty dumb, but it's a start.

Call Fragment    


Who uses what rig?  Enter the model number, just the prefix (IC, FT, or TS), or the first few letters of the name (e.g., Elec for Elecraft).  Remember that if a model number has not been entered exactly as you specify, the record won't show up.  One way around this is just to enter the number (e.g., 930 instead of TS-930) or some other fragment that you are reasonably certain will always be included.  You can even find something arcane, like who uses the PIEXX microprocessor board in their TS-930, or who describes their rig as "homebrew."



Who uses which logging software?  Enter a unique part of the name (e.g., CT, TR, Writelog) and the database will show you a list of users.



Who uses which amplifiers?  Enter a unique part of the amplifier name (e.g., Alpha, 2000A, SB-220) and the database will show you a list of users.